Music @ Park's Edge

TUESDAY 26th NOV 2019

Time: 5pm onwards for Drinks (Supper served at 7pm)

Introducing Chef Kerran Kaur, whose supper clubs have gained sold out status whenever she runs them!

Kerran (or Keke as she’s affectionately known) will take over the kitchen at Park’s Edge for a 5 Course Vegan Taster Menu extravaganza on the evening of Tuesday 26th November.

Having Indian & Pakistani heritage, Kerran will invite guests to explore how the flavours, ingredients and key food staples of her background have travelled from the Indian subcontinent to the Caribbean (via Kenya where she was born).

A unique dining experience that will include music, courtesy of DJ Kandi Sharma and poetry intertwined with Indian & Caribbean Food Stories, you’re in for a food treat that goes beyond just food, and immerses you in wonderfully vibrant cultures.

She says: “My supper clubs always tell a story from my own experience and childhood but I wanted to open this up to others’ experiences around me and explore our interlinked historical and modern day experiences, some of which are steeped in food.”

Dishes will include Celeriac and Kale Pakora and Gulab Jamun in Rum Syrup with Grenadian Chocolate Guinness Brownie Crumble.


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