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Our Food Philosophy

At Park’s Edge Bar and Kitchen, we love creating (and eating…) classic and contemporary British food. But there’s an irony: from as far back as time began on our British Isles, invaders have brought interesting new flavours to our shores. Park’s Edge Bar and Kitchen’s modern British cuisine, therefore, enjoys a more fluid approach to flavour than traditional British cuisine.

Our team’s English roots are shaped by cultural food experiences drawn from all over the world. Whether using Brazilian pink peppercorn to flavour our Parsley, Caper and Citrus Butter or applying nutmeg from The Spice Islands to flavour our Black Treacle Pudding, we carefully infuse non-traditional flavours into our quintessentially British dishes, giving our dishes extra pizzazz.

As a fresh food kitchen, we source and support independent British farmers and local producers. Wherever possible, our chefs use the freshest ingredients, bought directly from regional farms and local producers and served straight to your plate.