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Meet The Team

We love that our team are as individual and diverse as the community of Herne Hill where Park’s Edge is based.

Claudia, General Manager

The most rewarding part of running the restaurant is getting positive reactions to our food and having guests returning again and again. For us it’s what being a neighbourhood restaurant is all about.

At Park’s Edge whilst we are predominantly Modern British with our offering, there’s a hint of Caribbean influence across the menu with ingredients or styles of cooking from islands throughout the region.

Food influences: The inspiration behind some of the dishes we create at Park’s Edge is my West Indian background. I was taught to cook by my Jamaican mother who baked breads including Sourdough. We ate traditional British dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Wellington for a treat at home but she always put her little twist on dishes with a spice or ingredients that gave us a taste of her country of birth.

Favourite Park’s Edge dish: Jerk Squid, I could eat that all day, every day!

Haiki, Front of House Manager

Food influences: I’m a world foodie! I sometimes crave my native Ethiopian food but being chief taster of our food before we bring dishes onto our menus is awesome.

Sometimes, I’m surprised to see what the Chefs have cooked up when they’ve included ingredients such as okra or spices that we Ethiopians use in our traditional foods like curries. It’s been a bit of a revelation and has helped me join the dots and see the connections between my African culture and my adopted British and Caribbean cultures.

Favourite Park’s Edge cocktail: King of Sorrel (If you haven’t tried our Caribbean-style hibiscus flower cocktail, you should! It combines ginger, spicy dark rum with white rum, which brings out the floral sweetness of the flowers…). Delicious!

Tom, Head Chef

Food influences: My background is British cooking so I’m largely influenced by seasonal produce and traditional dishes that I grew up with but I love experimenting and learning about different cultures. Exploring nearby Brixton market and creating a twist on a classic dish with what I find there can be a lot of fun.

Favourite Park’s Edge music playlist: Do I have to choose just one? I relax a bit when I cook to Sunday Brunch jazz or our curated Nu Soul ‘Haiki’ lists, which we often play in the evenings.

Matt, Snr Sous

Food influences: I spent many years in the Far East and love the vibrant flavours, ingredients and cuisine on offer in those countries. It’s been really interesting to discover that some of those key elements of Far Eastern cuisine are also part of the culinary heritage of West Indian food.

Favourite Park’s Edge pairing: A half pint of Guinness West Indian Porter with Pork Shoulder, Stout & Pecan Sauce, wild mushrooms and chips.